Choosing an Ad Network for Your Site

If you are planning to monetize your website, the ad network you choose plays a crucial role in determining the kind of returns that you will get. Some networks will give you more returns than others. Different networks have been made differently and that is why there are all different. As much as your kind of website also influences how much you can get from ads, you need to know the pointers to look out for to make sure that do successful advertising. They include:

Choosing an Ad Network for Your Site

Niche vs. Generic

In choosing a network, you should consider whether your website is a generic website or is a niche website so that you may know whether to choose a vertical ad network or horizontal ad network. Vertical ad network works best for niche websites since the ads are of a certain niche. Horizontal network on the other hand is good for generic websites since it is very extensive.


You should bear in mind how you will be paid. This will mostly be influenced by the size of ad space. Some of the common compensation methods include:


CPM network in advertisement basically means cost per thousand impressions, and here publishers are paid per every 1000 impressions or ad views. This is mainly used by sites with high traffic as the more the visitors the more the revenue. The traffic one gets on their site can be used to predict the kind of revenue they will get.


Cost per action is where a publisher is paid when the visitor of the site makes a purchase from the ad. The advertisements have a higher payout as compared to CPM though it is much harder to earn as most visitors will click on the sire but will not make a purchase


Cost per click is where a publisher is paid for every click made on an ad. It is easier to earn then CPA though it is highly reliant on the traffic of the site as well as the visuals of the ad.

Business model of the ad network

As much as you may use CPC, CPA and CPM, it does not mean that you get the full returns as the ad network has to get a commission from your earnings. You therefore need to understand how the networks operate and how much of your inventory can be accommodated.

Reliability and credibility

You should choose a company that is credible and reliable. Ad network commissions can be significant and also different companies have different ways of paying. You need to understand how long the company has been in business and if they have any history of withholding payment.

Control over your ads

You also need to understand how much control you have over the ads on your site. Some ads may not be so good for your site. Some companies let you control the ads while others don’t.

Compatibility with your ad server

The ad network of choice should be compatible with your ad server. Some ad servers do not accept some networks or have a limitation on the number of ads.