Things to Consider for A Mortgage of House

As the world rushes at a frantic pace, folks often take major buying decisions without giving much thought to the imperative factors and afterward face the disastrous and unbearable loss. Among the biggest purchase, you can have in your life is “building a home.” If it is the very first time, you are thinking of going through this process, you should keep in mind a few instructions before applying for a mortgage.

Things to Consider for A Mortgage of House

Things to Consider for A Mortgage of House

Skim through a few tips and guidelines for the first time homebuyers:

Steps in the Mortgage Loan Process:

The initial thing to consider is where you need to begin. A loan process for a house may seem a bit confusing and might even feel a little overwhelming sometimes. Just keep in mind for each step you can get mortgage experts involved to navigate the way in order to help you through your house buying experience. In this article, we will walk you through different scenarios and you can pick the best scenario as per your current financial needs.

The key step in applying for a loan is to get it approved beforehand by a mortgage lender. Now there are two ways of getting it approved beforehand, the first one being pre-qualification; the second is pre-approval and there is a big difference between both of these. Being pre-qualified, the mortgage lender will pull your credit report and review it. On the other hand, being pre-approved, they pull and review your credit report, but they need you to give them the supporting documents.

Therefore, this means that being pre-approved is a lot better than pre-qualification and a complete loan process may go like loan application, loan set up, processing, underwriting, conditional approval/loan approval, closing/funding. As you are going through these processes, you must consider that the lowest rate of interest might not always make a good financial report.

Think through the time and the annual percentage rate but the annual percentage rate does not always give you the complete picture, find out if the fees are reasonable and what exactly the loan will cost you.

Top tips for the first-time buyers:

When it comes to mortgages, you must know that an interest rate is not the indicator of the actual price, as you can have two mortgages with the same rate and they could be entirely different as far as their features go.

Another great thing is portability and when you decide to move you have to know whether your mortgage can be moved or not. If it can be moved to your new location, you should consider the payment, penalty, and lender stability.

Financing the custom Log or Timber Frame Homes:

Finding a loan officer or construction lender for your log home construction is essential. It is about finding a partner who you can trust, looking around, and comparing lenders as they have different limitations. Consider your house insurance as your log home will be insured differently than other conventional houses.

While getting a mortgage you should first keep in mind how the construction of your log home will take place, as there are different methods of construction of log homes. Do your homework and opt for the trusted ones, as the prerequisites for construction loans are different from the conventional constructions. For that reason, a well-reputed design company that is specialized for designing and the customs planning of log homes, hybrids, and timber frames. Whether it is a plan for a simple log cabin or a luxurious timber frame home, they can make a custom Home Design to meet your budget and desires. You can visit yourself and know more details about this firm. They take pride in converting the vision of the customers into reality. Just fill out the “contact us” form on this website and one of their representatives will get back to you.

Build Your Own House: Laws You Need to Follow

When it comes to building your own house, you cannot just start by setting up pillars and hiring a contractor. You need to take into account all legalities of the area. Most homeowners association have their own specific set of rules or outlines. These may include a color scheme of the house, house dimensions, and garden specifications et cetera. You need to consider the law whenever you do any of the following residential construction work:

  • Building a new house.
  • Doing repairs or renovation.
  • Constructing a Garage or Shed.
  • Fencing.
  • Constructing a pool.
  • Landscaping.

Choosing a Builder:

When you choose a builder, you look at their past experience, their work, and their charges. However, you need to consider the law as well. Traders that charge more than $3000 for a building construction work must be licensed. Check through online licensors whether the builder is truly licensed. Plumbers and gasfitters need to be licensed as well. Having unqualified or unlicensed personnel not only botch up your construction work, it will land you in trouble with the law.

Choosing a House Plan:

Most commonly, the builder you chose for the construction work will draw up your house plans or you can choose an architect to design your house and renovations. However, all house plans need to be approved through a building certifier. He will ensure all dimensions are within the legal limits. You may need to present these plans to your council or the homeowner’s association. In that case, ask beforehand what limits you need to abide by and what laws you need to follow. SO, your design can be easily approved without objections. All house plans are trademarked and cannot be used by other traders as they form a part of the building contract. Discuss everything beforehand to avoid any unclear instructions or miscommunication later.

You can hire up professional designers or draw inspiration from their designs. Online companies such as the Artisan Timber and Log Homes provide house plans on their website for Timber frame Log homes. They have a full gallery related to the different designs as well as the real implementations of these designs. Head to their site to find out why timber frames are the best!

Sustainable Housing:

There are various laws imposed to ensure sustainable housing. You need to ensure all lighting fixtures are sustainable and do not waste energy. House design should be sustainable and must include a garden. The garden will help freshen the look of your house and reduce greenhouse gases emission. After construction, take care to use less water and less energy. These laws not only help you live a sustainable life, they assist you to live comfortably as well.


Law usually requires an insurance premium especially if the construction work costs more than $3000. You can choose any home insurance policy that protects you from being sued or in the event of a natural disaster. If you live near a coastal area or near areas that are often hit by storms, getting an insurance premium will definitely help you in the long run.

Builder’s Contract:

Before signing the contract, getting quotes from different builders might help you assess your situation. However, if you chose to sign the contract, get legal advice first. Your lawyer will ensure you are not getting tricked into the contract. If you decide to withdraw from the contract, the builder will require a fee from your part. Ensure the builder specifies the completion time in the contract. Remember to keep a copy of the contract with yourself.