Ip Valuation

With the change in technology, there is growth of the digital world which comes with many changes. Currently, a growing number of companies have assets in the form of intellectual property or things that are intangible such as ideas or brands. It is however common for those companies to have physical assets as well. The good part is that even though something may happen to the physical assets all they will have left are intellectual property.

When doing the valuation of a company, most valuers forget that intellectual property is in the equation. Intellectual assets include trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents among many others.

Ip Valuation

Ip Valuation

Trademark: This is a symbol, design, phrase or emblem that has been uniquely made to represent your company. Mostly they are used in representing your company as a brand and you will see them in products. When a trademark is used without authorization without the owner it’s against the law. Most of the time a counterfeit may try to imitate the trademark. In case of trademark damage, the actual damages are calculated and that needs valuation prior.

Patent: When it comes to patents, they are granted by the government giving a company a period of time to create, use or sell an invention while incorporating the patent. If there is an entity which will attempt to use a patent without authorization that is patent infringement and is illegal. Patent infringement will cause the owners of those rights to drop in performance such as lose sales. In case you experience patent infringement you will need professional counsel to get the right compensation for damages.

Copyright: This is what gives an owner exclusive rights on original works. Copyright protection is mostly common with pieces of art, software, music and photographs among many others. Copyright infringement is against the law.

Trade secrets: These are intangible assets only that they do not fall under intellectual property and hence cannot be protected as a form of intellectual property. These kinds of assets are referred to as trade secrets. It can be defined as a unique formula, process, design, pattern that gives a particular business competitive advantage since it is only known to the company. Just like other forms of intellectual property, individuals or companies can steal them and use them to benefit themselves. Good thing is that they can be protected.

Do you need valuation?

Valuation is very important for a company and not only should the tangible assets be valuated but also the intangible assets as well. It is through valuation that you can determine the position of the company especially if you are looking for investors and if you want to be ahead of your competitors. It is through valuation that you will be able to achieve compensation for any loss that you may experience or rights infringement. There are also some agreements that need valuation such as mergers, buy-sell agreements and acquisitions. Since valuation is mandatory, it is important that it is done by experts such as Rawls, Scheer, Clary, Mingo.

Designing Your Own Website As A Lawyer What You Need to Know

Building a website for your business can be one of the most sure-fire ways of increasing your market. Lawyers can especially benefit from such websites. Clients look for well-presented content that is easy to understand. Not every person can understand legal terms and requirements. A website is a perfect way to ensure they understand the services you offer. You can list out all details you want your potential clients to know. It is a great way of getting to know a law firm or agency. However, if the content is presented poorly and ineffectively, it can lead to a gradual decline in your clients.

Designing Your Own Website As A Lawyer What You Need to Know

Designing Your Own Website As A Lawyer What You Need to Know

So, how do you design it in an effective manner? Well, we have some amazing tips for you that will have your business booming!

Read ahead for the top tips for designing an amazing website:


If you know anything about websites, chances are you know about SEO keywords as well. These keywords allow you to optimize your content so that it ranks higher in search engines. However, some law firms extended this approach to their URLs as well, resulting in huge keyword stuffed website URLs. This technique did serve them well in the past, however, times are changing. Google introduced a new algorithm that penalizes on such domains. Therefore, it is better to use your firm’s name as the URL. For example, does not use “personalinjuryattorneysincalifornia” instead use “ColesonLLC” as your domain names? This can make it easier for clients to remember your domains as well so they can find you again.


Another way to ensure a lasting impact on your website on your clients is to have your own brand. Design some theme colors that you can use everywhere from your business cards to actual flyers, banners, and posters. Use the same fonts all over your website. Designing a brand can help potential clients recognize your brands. Think of it like how folks would associate the color red with Coca-Cola! The same concept applies here!

Content Management System:

When you have a huge online presence including a blog, website, several social media accounts etcetera, it can be difficult to manage all your content. A content management system can help you write, edit, publish and organize any content on your website. You can change your designs frequently with a CMS as well. Some CMS are free such as WordPress; however, WordPress is limited in its features. If you want more features then perhaps joining a premium CMS can help you. Why should you pay for these features? The answer is quite simple! These features can help your website look even more professional and organized.

The BrightSpot Content Management System is a new generation content management system that allows you to optimize and organize your site the way you want to. It includes a plethora of amazing features. A search engine helps you find and edit the content you want to. You can develop people’s profiles as well allowing you to manage their data. This enterprise CMS Software can help you deliver personalized content to your users. For instance, you can include tabs for different services you offer that lead you off to articles and information related to that specific service.

Go Mobile:

With the increasing use of smartphones, having a custom mobile site can help you personalize the experience for mobile users. The key is to use a responsive design site that responds to the size of viewer you are using. On the other hand, you can use the mobile site design that redirects from the official site to a mobile user-friendly version. However, search engines prefer responsive designs and can thus alter your ranking.

Things to Consider for A Mortgage of House

As the world rushes at a frantic pace, folks often take major buying decisions without giving much thought to the imperative factors and afterward face the disastrous and unbearable loss. Among the biggest purchase, you can have in your life is “building a home.” If it is the very first time, you are thinking of going through this process, you should keep in mind a few instructions before applying for a mortgage.

Things to Consider for A Mortgage of House

Things to Consider for A Mortgage of House

Skim through a few tips and guidelines for the first time homebuyers:

Steps in the Mortgage Loan Process:

The initial thing to consider is where you need to begin. A loan process for a house may seem a bit confusing and might even feel a little overwhelming sometimes. Just keep in mind for each step you can get mortgage experts involved to navigate the way in order to help you through your house buying experience. In this article, we will walk you through different scenarios and you can pick the best scenario as per your current financial needs.

The key step in applying for a loan is to get it approved beforehand by a mortgage lender. Now there are two ways of getting it approved beforehand, the first one being pre-qualification; the second is pre-approval and there is a big difference between both of these. Being pre-qualified, the mortgage lender will pull your credit report and review it. On the other hand, being pre-approved, they pull and review your credit report, but they need you to give them the supporting documents.

Therefore, this means that being pre-approved is a lot better than pre-qualification and a complete loan process may go like loan application, loan set up, processing, underwriting, conditional approval/loan approval, closing/funding. As you are going through these processes, you must consider that the lowest rate of interest might not always make a good financial report.

Think through the time and the annual percentage rate but the annual percentage rate does not always give you the complete picture, find out if the fees are reasonable and what exactly the loan will cost you.

Top tips for the first-time buyers:

When it comes to mortgages, you must know that an interest rate is not the indicator of the actual price, as you can have two mortgages with the same rate and they could be entirely different as far as their features go.

Another great thing is portability and when you decide to move you have to know whether your mortgage can be moved or not. If it can be moved to your new location, you should consider the payment, penalty, and lender stability.

Financing the custom Log or Timber Frame Homes:

Finding a loan officer or construction lender for your log home construction is essential. It is about finding a partner who you can trust, looking around, and comparing lenders as they have different limitations. Consider your house insurance as your log home will be insured differently than other conventional houses.

While getting a mortgage you should first keep in mind how the construction of your log home will take place, as there are different methods of construction of log homes. Do your homework and opt for the trusted ones, as the prerequisites for construction loans are different from the conventional constructions. For that reason, a well-reputed design company that is specialized for designing and the customs planning of log homes, hybrids, and timber frames. Whether it is a plan for a simple log cabin or a luxurious timber frame home, they can make a custom Home Design to meet your budget and desires. You can visit www.streamlinedesign.ca yourself and know more details about this firm. They take pride in converting the vision of the customers into reality. Just fill out the “contact us” form on this website and one of their representatives will get back to you.

Tips for Hiring A Lawyer for Car Accidents

So, let’s say you were in a terrible car accident and barely walked away with your life. However, chances are other people got hurt as well and that maybe you are responsible for the crash. As if the trauma of being in a brutal accident was not enough, now you have to deal with these police officers constantly bombarding you with questions. Or maybe the other person has sued you. What to do now? If it is your fault, you might feel the need to fess up to the defense attorneys. However, this can be an extremely bad idea. You might end up with years inside the slammer or you might end up losing millions of dollars!

Tips for Hiring A Lawyer for Car Accidents

Tips for Hiring A Lawyer for Car Accidents

It is best to hire a lawyer and let him assess the case. A good lawyer can either help you win the case or fight for you until the court asks down to give you a smaller sentence or a lower amount of money to pay.

If you are confused, you can follow our tips to hiring a lawyer for car accidents:

Area of Specialization:

The first step is to assess the type of damage that has been done. Lawyers have various fields of specializations. You need to pick out the right one for your case who has years of experience dealing with cases like yours. Was the accident a small one and the most you have been charged with is an insurance claim? Get an Insurance Lawyer who has dealt with such cases before. Did the accident occur on your property? Maybe you are getting sued for personal injury? Get a personal injury lawyer. Were you drunk while driving? Have you been accused of so? Then get a DUI Lawyer. Getting a specialized lawyer can help you a lot in your case as they have years of experience in cases such as yours.

For example getting a DUI lawyer to fight for a DUI case, even if it did not cause any accident can be an extremely smart move. Law firms such as Stinger Law LLC dedicate themselves to fighting cases like yours. They can help you get the bare minimum and even escape the charges altogether. If you are looking for a Dui Lawyer Kansas City, the seasoned professionals at Stinger Law can be your salvation!

Hiring a Lawyer:

After you are done finding the best type of lawyer for your case, you can get references from friends and families. You can even ask your old lawyers to suggest an expert lawyer in the field. Shortlist at least two of them. Next, you should make an appointment with each and ask about their credentials and whether they have handled such cases in the past. This will help you know their general approach when dealing with such a case. Do not forget to ask about the fees. It is better to go for a written agreement about the fees.

Collect All Evidence:

When you finalize your lawyer, the next step is to collect all sorts of evidence from the case that supports your case. This can include medical statements from the doctor, your medical bills, and certificates, accident scene photographs that show all the damage done. Of course, do not be shy to show them any evidence that does not support your case. They should know what the opposing party might present to you. It is best to tell your lawyer the truth. This can help them figure out how to help you walk free or at least get the bare minimum. So, keep all the evidence ready in case your lawyer might need.

After that? Just relax and be patient. Let the lawyer work it out for you!

How to Win a Court Case

Let us say that you have a court case that is being tackled in court. You have already hired the best lawyer available but you are still terrified that you are not going to win. You may feel more nervous than usual if you know that your life is on the line. There is a big possibility that your life is going to change if you lose.

There are people who feel that their money can do wonders for them and in some ways, this is possible but there are also things you can do that will allow you to win your court case without spending time and money in the process. The first thing that you have to do is to know what exactly is at stake if you lose. You need to know what things you may go through.

How to Win a Court Case

How to Win a Court Case

You can ask your lawyer again for an assessment regarding your case. At this point, you have already chosen the right lawyer. You trust that your lawyer is going to tell you the truth no matter how much it might hurt. You can then ask again how things are going to be done and if there are some things that need to be done, you can ask about those things again.

Do you need more motivation due to the things that you are going through? You cannot expect that you are going to succeed every time but whenever you fall, you are not supposed to feel down. You can get more motivation from KPI scorecard. You can just take a look at it and see how it can help you. It will open up your mind to various things you have forgotten before.

These are some of the things that you need to remember so you can increase your chances of winning your court case:

  • Choose from which area you are going to sue. You need to research about the jurisdiction and you also need to talk to your lawyer to ask if the lawyer is going to be comfortable there. This is important because there are some laws and rules that do not apply to all areas. You might make a mistake and you would not want that.
  • Make sure that you have all of the needed legal documents. From time to time, some of the documents will be required and you need to hold on to them so that they will not be stolen and tampered. It can be particularly hard if you lose the draft of your complaint before you get to send it. You can make this already with the help of your lawyer.
  • You can decide if you want to get a fee waiver form or you would pay for the fee of filing a court case.

If in case you are the person who is being accused of a crime, the things you have to do will be a bit different. You need to read the file that was sent to you. You need to know what you are being accused of so you can contact the right lawyer immediately and you can go over the document you have received.

If in case you feel that the case you are being accused of has no basis whatsoever, you can ask for a motion to dismiss the case. Always find time to research about the law and your case. It will let you gain your much-needed knowledge.

Build Your Own House: Laws You Need to Follow

When it comes to building your own house, you cannot just start by setting up pillars and hiring a contractor. You need to take into account all legalities of the area. Most homeowners association have their own specific set of rules or outlines. These may include a color scheme of the house, house dimensions, and garden specifications et cetera. You need to consider the law whenever you do any of the following residential construction work:

  • Building a new house.
  • Doing repairs or renovation.
  • Constructing a Garage or Shed.
  • Fencing.
  • Constructing a pool.
  • Landscaping.

Choosing a Builder:

When you choose a builder, you look at their past experience, their work, and their charges. However, you need to consider the law as well. Traders that charge more than $3000 for a building construction work must be licensed. Check through online licensors whether the builder is truly licensed. Plumbers and gasfitters need to be licensed as well. Having unqualified or unlicensed personnel not only botch up your construction work, it will land you in trouble with the law.



Choosing a House Plan:

Most commonly, the builder you chose for the construction work will draw up your house plans or you can choose an architect to design your house and renovations. However, all house plans need to be approved through a building certifier. He will ensure all dimensions are within the legal limits. You may need to present these plans to your council or the homeowner’s association. In that case, ask beforehand what limits you need to abide by and what laws you need to follow. SO, your design can be easily approved without objections. All house plans are trademarked and cannot be used by other traders as they form a part of the building contract. Discuss everything beforehand to avoid any unclear instructions or miscommunication later.

You can hire up professional designers or draw inspiration from their designs. Online companies such as the Artisan Timber and Log Homes provide house plans on their website for Timber frame Log homes. They have a full gallery related to the different designs as well as the real implementations of these designs. Head to their site to find out why timber frames are the best!

Sustainable Housing:

There are various laws imposed to ensure sustainable housing. You need to ensure all lighting fixtures are sustainable and do not waste energy. House design should be sustainable and must include a garden. The garden will help freshen the look of your house and reduce greenhouse gases emission. After construction, take care to use less water and less energy. These laws not only help you live a sustainable life, they assist you to live comfortably as well.


Law usually requires an insurance premium especially if the construction work costs more than $3000. You can choose any home insurance policy that protects you from being sued or in the event of a natural disaster. If you live near a coastal area or near areas that are often hit by storms, getting an insurance premium will definitely help you in the long run.

Builder’s Contract:

Before signing the contract, getting quotes from different builders might help you assess your situation. However, if you chose to sign the contract, get legal advice first. Your lawyer will ensure you are not getting tricked into the contract. If you decide to withdraw from the contract, the builder will require a fee from your part. Ensure the builder specifies the completion time in the contract. Remember to keep a copy of the contract with yourself.

Overcome Your Depression in The Legal Profession

When you think about lawyers, you mostly think about loud-mouthed idealists with lots of opinions. You think of someone strong and manipulative. However, the life of a lawyer is far from ideal. They get sucked into numerous meetings and courtroom trials daily. The constant string of clients knocking on their doors gets them agitated and frustrated. Thinking up strategies take up a lot of brainpower and most lawyers end up depressed and stressed.

All legal interactions wear them out to the point where they can no longer take care of their health. The corporate and business world can be hard. Tackling cases where you need to go through the fine print of hundreds of documents can be mentally tiring. Most lawyers end up reading hundreds of pages only to end up with a headache.

However, there are numerous ways you can handle your lawyer life in more stress-free manner. These will help you retain your mental stability. It helps put the life in your job back.

Overcome Your Depression in The Legal Profession

Overcome Your Depression in The Legal Profession

Read these relaxing tips before a trickle becomes a torrent:


Most folks might think lawyers are extroverts since they can speak so easily and freely. However, most lawyers are found to be introverts. Extroverts blurt out sentences without thinking, however, most introverts think through before making a statement. This ability is exactly what makes a great lawyer. Introverts tend to get tired of social interaction. All lawyers should take out at least one hour out of the day to spend alone.

You need to put out all thoughts of your work and concentrate on doing something you like. You can spend the hour reading or crocheting. Getting in touch with your spirituality is one thing that can help you maintain your mental health. It helps you clear your mind and consequently, you can think more evidently at work. Furthermore, meditation can aid you to get in touch with your spirit. You can consider some healing processes such as Reiki, which assist you to cleanse and heal your spirit. You will surely end up feeling relaxed and stress-free. For a full review of the best meditation or Reiki packages, you can try Region Vavid, which offers completely free reviews to help you choose.

Do Not Compromise Your Sleep:

When lawyers are met with a huge workload, most of them tend to sacrifice their sleep in order to get ahead of time. They urn the midnight oil in hopes of making a breakthrough in their new case. However, what they do not realize is that this will have adverse effects on both, their health and their case. When you work while being tired, you won’t be able to give attention to important details. That can make you or your client suffer loss.

Sleep deprivation can lead to a number of health problems. It causes loss of attention, loss of concentration, and can make you more susceptible to diseases.

Ditch the To-Do Lists:

When working you might feel the need to organize and plan everything ahead. You add up every little task that comes to mind, no matter how irrelevant it is. After accomplishing through all these tasks, you feel refreshed and satisfied. However, you must remember, working more and working better are two different things. You might think you will keep producing work throughout the day. The fact is you get tired after two to three hours on duty.

If you keep your brain working constantly for 15 hours, then the work you get will be greater in quantity. Nevertheless, the quality of the work would be extremely low. Allow yourself a few minutes of irrelevant chatting or doing something you love. Doing that would keep your brain healthy and stress-free.

How a Family Can Get Through a Divorce

A divorce is always a bad thing for everyone who is involved. It does not matter whether you are the one who initiated the divorce or you just received papers letting you know that your partner wants to get a divorce. It will hurt. There are families who are broken apart by the divorce. Some of the kids blame themselves even though it is not their fault. Other people become traumatized by the ordeal that they have experienced and there are days when they do not know what to do anymore.

Divorce signifies the separation of two people who thought that they were going to be together forever. It signifies that there are things that they were unable to solve. It may even signify that they have failed. Some people find divorce painful because they have to accept that the hopes and dreams that they have tried so hard to reach will not come true anymore.

How a Family Can Get Through a Divorce

How a Family Can Get Through a Divorce

Even if people who go through divorce sometimes feel broken, families should never break their ties with each other. Ex-partners can be civil towards each other and there are even some who become friends even if they already have other respective partners. Kids should learn to respect and love both of their parents. At the same time, they should also learn to love themselves more.

There are different emotions that people will go through while they are going through the divorce. They are going to experience pain. They are going to feel unhappy about their life. They are going to get angry at themselves and at their partners because they would feel that everyone has failed them. If you are going through this right now, remember that you are not alone. You have the rest of your family to think about.

It will help you and your family cope with divorce better if you undergo family counselling New Westminster BC. There are different family counsellors who are more than willing to listen to your family’s struggles. While the counselor cannot solve the problem on his own, he will help you realize a few things that will allow you to appreciate and love your family more.

These are other things that you can do in order to cope:

  • Make sure that you will accept that the divorce is going to push through. You may go through an initial shock or surprise once you see the papers but you need to understand that this is needed in order to help you all move on.
  • Do not try to fight the pain. Experiencing pain is normal and you need to acknowledge it and go through it. The time will come when you will start to feel the pain go away.
  • Use your pain in order to become a stronger person and to help other people. You can always turn your pain into something productive and positive.
  • Allow yourself to heal. You cannot force yourself to heal immediately. It will take some time before you would be able to do it but once you go through it, you will become a stronger person on the inside.

A divorce is always a hard time for the whole family but as long as you would support each other, it would not be as distressing as you thought it would.

How to File a Lawsuit against a Harmful Skincare Company

A lawsuit is a legal approach to force somebody who has hurt you, infringing upon the law, to repay you financially for harms you have endured. Lawsuits are costly, so you should only file one on the off chance that you have a honest intention and reason for it. In the event that you’ve been wronged and your skin or body has been harmed by opting for a harmful skincare brand and know you need to sue the other party, documenting a lawsuit is the best way to begin. To avoid this in the first place, what you need to do is opt for a skincare brand that is safe for both your skin and your body. It is a good idea to read reviews by other people before choosing a skincare brand for yourself. You can read this Secura facial steamer review which not only supports its legitimacy but also discusses its different features and options.

How to File a Lawsuit against a Harmful Skincare Company

How to File a Lawsuit against a Harmful Skincare Company

Regardless, if the damage has been done, you can always prepare to file a lawsuit. Here’s how you can do so:

Hire a lawyer. Lawsuits can be exceptionally testing, especially for those new to the legal procedure. Your case may require somebody who has legal training who can manage you and your case through a trial and towards a triumphant decision. While a lawyer can’t guarantee that you will win your case, they can essentially expand the chances of a fruitful result than if you brought the case yourself.

Locate the correct sort of lawyer. Lawyers ordinarily work in a specific region of the law. You should figure out what sort of case that you have so as to pick the correct legal advisor. On the off chance that you are uncertain of what sort of case you have, search for a general practice lawyer. These lawyers handle a wide range of sorts of cases.

  • Find an accomplished legal advisor. You can find lawyers in various ways, including:
  • Referral from friend or relative who utilized the legal advisor and was content with how the attorney took care of the case.
  • Neighborhood and state lawful affiliations generally have a referral benefit that can connect you with nearby lawyers. You can likewise utilize state bar relationship to see whether any dissensions were documented against your planned lawyer.

Audit the lawyers’ experience. Subsequent to incorporating a rundown of neighborhood lawyers consider assessing their experience, certifications, and success in the lawful field. What’s more, you can do the accompanying:

  • Check with state bar relationship for complaints against your imminent legal counselor.
  • Read their site for its substance.
  • Decide if they went to a decent graduate school.
  • Read reviews about the legal advisor.

Meet with potential attorneys. When you have identified a couple of experienced legal counselors, meet with them to talk about your case and their services. Normally, legal counselors will meet with you for nothing on your first visit so they can decide if they are occupied with your case. For the gathering you should:

  • Bring duplicates of any pertinent records that you have.
  • Examine the expenses and services identified with the case.

Talk about the legal counselor’s involvement in your sort of case.

Getting A Good Condo As An Investment

With the rise in cost of living, everyone is in a quest for financial freedom. As much as our spending habits will define the kind of financial freedom we get, savings alone is not enough. Investment and diversification of incomes is the key to achieving our financial goals. There are many investment channels that one can delve into and one of them is condos. Condos have been fairly common for entertainment and currently they are also used as investment channels and that is why companies such as Peter & Adelaide are thriving. As much as it may be a good investment, it is good getting into the basics of the investment. Some of the things to keep in mind before considering a condo as an investment include:

Getting A Good Condo As An Investment

Getting A Good Condo As An Investment


The expense that you incur in an investment is what will determine your returns. For a condo, some of the expected expenses include: real estate taxes, insurance, and maintenance and repairs. Apart from that, you may also get occasional expenses such as legal fees in case of an eviction, advertising costs when you are looking for tenants, and repair costs in case of any damages. It is important to figure out the costs and try to balance with the returns to determine if it is an investment worth giving a try. As a rule of thumb, the expenses should not be higher than the expenses.

Condo assessment and association fees

In some cases, you may need to pay for assessment and association fees. The assessments may be periodical depending on the area and many other factors. For assessment, you will incur a cost to cover the common areas of the condominium property. An example of assessment costs may include landscaping costs, parking repairs and maintenance, paintings and building makeovers and any other expenses. They are expenses that cannot be ignored because somehow you will still face them.

Annual rent and appreciation rate

Different condos will have different rates of returns based on different factors such as the location, the make of the condo and many other factors. There are also some condos that have higher rates of returns than others. Maybe you can start by finding out if there are any nearby condos and the rates of return so that you can be able to do an approximation of the amount of rent that you are likely to receive from your condo. That will help you make a solid decision depending on how much you are expecting to get per month. You can also search for the appreciation rates of the nearby condos helping you to make an estimate of what to expect.


The demand of the condo will depend on the location of the condo. The condo will be a good investment if it is in a good location that can face high demand for example near a college or social amenities. You also need to consider the growth rate of the area to know if it is a good area.