What Lawyers Can and Can’t Do


There are a few misconceptions about lawyers and what they are allowed to do and what they are not. However, lawyers aren’t so different from those with delivery jobs or office workers but of course lawyers have an expectation attached to them simply because of their status. Do you actually know what lawyers can do and what they can’t? No, well read on and you will find out a few interesting facts.

Lawyers Can Represent a Client They Wish To Represent

Despite what you may believe, lawyers don’t have an obligation to take on every case they are presented with. Now if a lawyer has a full plate they may recommend an associate of the law firm they work with or may direct you to another law firm altogether. However, if a lawyer wishes to represent a person because they strongly believe their innocence or they have an excellent chance of winning they can do so. There is no set rule to say a lawyer must represent all those who ask them to represent them.

Lawyers Cannot Practice In A State They Aren’t Licensed To Practice Law

A lawyer may be qualified to practice law however they cannot practice out-of-state. Let’s say you were licensed to practice law in the State of New York, you couldn’t fly to Washington State and take a case there. If you wanted to practice out-of-state, you would have to become licensed for that state also. This might not sound appealing at first but there are real reasons behind this.

Lawyers Cannot Break The Law

Lawyers are not above the law. There is a big misconception about lawyers getting special treatment when it comes to misdemeanors and there is a belief they can actually bend the rules. That is really not the case because lawyers are like everyone else; they cannot break the law without seeing a punishment. If a lawyer breaks the law they can get arrested and prosecuted but if that were to happen they could lose their license.see more info from http://www.wsj.com/articles/sumner-redstones-lawyers-allege-manuela-herzer-lied-and-kept-him-from-women-he-cared-about-1462496276

A Lawyer Can Advise Clients Of Their Legal Rights

When someone gets into trouble a lawyer has the right and ability to represent you in a court of law. Lawyers can actually advise clients of what their legal rights are and what course of action they may want to take. Lawyers usually don’t act on the next move for their clients until they have fully talked about the situation and have allowed the client to think carefully.

Always Know What You Can Do


If you plan to become a lawyer any time soon, you absolutely should take a few minutes out to understand about your abilities. You may think you can get the rules bent a little for you personally but in reality no; and don’t follow what the movies say either, lawyers don’t get special treatment. However becoming a lawyer can be a wonderful career and very rewarding also. Practicing law can be extremely fun and you will get to see a lot of interesting people also; but just ensure you know what you can and can’t do when you’re a lawyer.